StandBy for refrigeration units RT-100 / RT-200 / RT-300   Print version

- superior capacity;
- universal for RT series;
- made in Ukraine.

System components:
- StandBy unit;
- control block;
- mounting bracket.


 Control box of the parking Stand-By compressor             Motor and compressor unit "Stand-By"


Technical characteristics:

Rated voltage of a supply: ~230V / 380V
Current consumption:
220V - 16A;  380V - 7A
Power source DC:
Cooling powerfull:
70% from connection refrigeration unit
HFC R-134a or R-404a Chlorine zero
Dimensions of StandBy (LxWxH), mm: 580x430x340
Weight,kg: 44
Dimensions of control block (LxWxH), mm: 400x325x155
Weight,kg: 14Bracket of fixing of the motor and compressor unit Stand-By





 Mounting bracket