Transport refrigeration RT-500 Print version

Refrigeration unit with driven from vehicle engine:
- superior capacity and airflow;
- low noise level;
- low weight;
- aluminium body;
- UV resistance ABS acrylic cove;
- warranty 24 month;
- made in Ukraine.

 condensor RT-500


Evaporator RT-500

controller of temperature

This controller of temperature can:
- show the temperature in the van;
- automatically turn on defrost system;
- maintain the desired temperature;
- self diagnostics.


System components

 System components:
- condenser unit;
- evaporator unit;
- mounting kit (hoses and fittings);
- compressor TM-16;
- controller of temperature.


Technical specification transport refrigeration RT-500:

 Refrigeration capacity: [BTU] at 0oС/-20oC: 18118/9349

 Refrigeration capacity: [W] at 0oС/-20oC:

 Evaporator airflow volume: m3/h 6060
 Curent draw, А:  
 - at 12V 39
 - at 24V 20
 Refrigerant: HFC R-134a or R-404a Chlorine zero 
 Dimensions of condenser unit (LxWxH), mm: 640x1150x235
 Weight of condenser unit: kg 29
 Dimensions of evaporator unit (LxWxH), mm: 570x1300x190
 Weight of evaporator unit: kg 27