Split A/C rooftop system AC-12jpeg

     Universal A/C rooftop:
  - superior capacity and airflow;
  - low noise level;
  - low weight;
  - aluminium body of condenser;
  - UV resistance special plastic
at condenser unit which can be fully
painted according to he needs;
  - powerfull compressor;
  - comfortable controller;
  - easy to install all of components;
  - warranty 24 month.

   System components:
  - condenser unit;
  - evaporator unit;
  - compressor;
  - mounting kit(hoses and fittings);
  - controller of temperature.




              Rooftop unit BK-5                             Rooftop unit BK-2



                  Two evaporators - Formula King and Formula Minibus


Technical specification for split A/C rooftop system AC-12

Type rooftop condenser BK-2 BK-5
 Cooling capacity, W: 11800
 Airflow volume, m3/h: 1485
 Current draw, A:   
 - at 12V 38
 - at 24V 20
 Weight of rooftop unit, kg: 18
 Compressor: TM-16
 Dimensions of unit (LxWxH), mm: 950/1060/190  1090/1340/165